ODA NOBUNAGA ( 1534 - 1582 )
Nobunaga was arguably the most potent and the most fierce Samurai in the era. He was also known for his cruelty and often described as a demonic figure with no mercy. Nobu would have thundered, “Kill it!” or without a word cut it to pieces.
TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI ( 1536 - 1598 )
Hideyoshi was the successor of Nobunaga. He finally unified Japan and had brought an end to the Civil War Era. Then he buried his rivals one by one, and he conquered all over Japan at last. Hideyoshi would have said, "Make it sing!"
TOKUGAWA IEYASU ( 1536 - 1598 )
Ieyasu was the successor of Hideyoshi, and the founder of Edo Shogunate. Presumably he is the most famous shogune in the history. Ieyasu was known as a patient, persevering man with an excellent talent for management. Ieyasu would have told everyone there that, "If a bird doesn't sing, wait for it to sing.”
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